Wednesday, July 1, 2015

IIN – What exactly was the idea behind this campaign?

The present IIN (Idea Internet Network) advertising campaign from Idea Cellular is generally believed to be gimmicky and misleading by many who have seen it; while I agree with that I also believe that it is among the most interesting ad campaigns I have seen in the past one year. It is quite evident that people have been misled into believing that IIN is some kind of an educational institution which is incorrect; IIN is simply about accessing the internet using Idea Cellular’s network.

The IIN ad campaign comprises eleven ads (I do not know if there are more), to watch them please click here to go to Idea’s YouTube channel. As reported in the media this campaign is a follow-up to the ‘No Ullu Banaoing’ campaign. While ‘No Ullu Banaoing’ campaign educated users on using the mobile Idea’s internet services, the IIN ad campaign Idea Cellular takes it a step forward, the objective here is to empower users, especially the youth, of using internet to their advantage. The campaign is supposed to highlight the fact that one can solve problems and achieve one’s goals in life by self-educating through the internet which can be accessed through the Idea Internet Network.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pushpinder – Pushing for higher market share

The Servo 4T – Pushpinder TV commercial has been on television for quite some time now. It shows a young man pushing his motorcycle and is being made fun of by everyone who sees him; he has even been given a nickname – Pushpinder, because he is always seen pushing his motorcycle. To my mind the approach taken for creating this campaign is very different from those of its competitors. The primary function of any lubricant is to reduce friction between moving parts, thus reduce wear and tear, and also prevent corrosion; this enables the machinery to work efficiently for a long time. The message communicated in all advertisements for lubricants is essentially this but the manner in which it is communicated differs from brand to brand. The Servo 4T – Pushpinder TV commercial also conveys essentially the same message but adds another aspect, that being, if a person were to use inferior lubricants, he would not only face hardship (pushing the bike) but also humiliation (people making fun), it further adds that Servo 4T keeps your bike in great shape by caring for the engine, clutch and gear.     

Saturday, January 17, 2015


At the beginning of every year I generally pick out some of my favourite ads of the previous year and write about them, this year I will not do that, instead I will make short comments on a few ads that caught my attention. So let me begin:

This is a five ad campaign, I am not aware if there are more, where the message in each ad is very clear, that when you need to by a car you do not need to go around asking different people, nor will ask you unnecessary questions. The reason being that they are the experts in cars. The links to the ads are given below:

Mother Dairy Doodh

The visual in this ad bears a striking similarity to one of my favourite stop motion animation videos, click here Her Morning Elegance to view it and decide for yourself. I think it is okay to be inspired by what you see and experience but simply copying thoughtlessly is not good advertising.


It is quite obvious that this ad is targeted at the Indian traveller. Interaction between the grandfather and grandson has been used to dispel any doubt or wrong ideas the Indian traveller might have regarding Germans. The ad has been directed very well and I quite like the way the little boy reacts to whatever his grandfather says.

The audio in this ad has a striking resemblance to the song in this video Lenka – Everything At Once. This music video of Lenka was use for launching Windows 8. Watch the ad below:

Philips Air Fryer
This product belongs to a whole new category; the ad presents a new concept – using air to fry food. The concept is beautifully explained and the benefit that is communicated is that you need to use very little oil if you are using Philips Air Fryer; hence the food is better for health. I think it is a simple, no frills ad that explains the concept of air frying perfectly.

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrushes
We have heard of charcoal being used for purifying water but this is the first time that charcoal is being used in toothbrushes for cleaning teeth, the ad explain how charcoal infused toothbrushes are better. I have yet to see this in shops; it would be interesting to see how this new concept in brushing works with consumers.

Hi Care
When you first see the ad you get the impression that the product being advertised is for protection against rain, the product is actually against pests. While reading the newspaper people generally do not read the copy of those ads that are of no interest to them, so it is imperative that the visual create the right impression at the first glance.

Monday, December 1, 2014

TATA SALT LITE – A well made ad but does it mislead the consumer?

This ad is being shown on television for quite some time; perhaps I should have written about it earlier in this blog. Salt is believed to be dangerous for a person suffering from blood pressure (BP), using light humour the ad effective demonstrates the suffering a BP patient has to goes through, which is eating food with no or very little salt to control his BP, his helplessness is convincingly shown. The interaction between the father (BP patient) and his daughter is very interesting and engaging; the father begging his daughter for a piece to eat and the daughter not permitting him is both humourous and at the same time you feel sorry for the man because he seems to be destined to eat bland food.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Maggi Masala Noodles 2014 – Bringing Spice to Life

I like this Maggi Masala Noodles TV ad because of its simplicity and single-mindedness, it does not say much but effectively communicates the message that Maggi Noodles is for everybody. Maggi Noodles was introduced in India more than 25 years and is going strong. When this product was launched it was targeted at the urban household, small children being the consumers and the mother being the provider and the one to decide. Over the years new variants were introduced which targeted various segments of the market – such as the health conscious, the fun loving, the aged, the young and the adventurous; so today Maggi Noodles caters to people belonging to all age groups, geographical locations but the core target

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Power of Red

The current Eveready ad campaign Give Me Red featuring Akshay Kumar reminds me of the original Give Me Red campaign 22 years ago, fortunately I was able to find the two ads on YouTube. The energy levels in those two ads were high and the same is being maintained in the current Akshay Kumar campaign. The essential difference between the old and the current campaign is that the old one was promoting Red Eveready batteries whereas the current one is promoting a range of rechargeable products launched by Eveready Industries India Ltd. The battery plays an important part in the performance of these products.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ad History - 2

Ad History is a new feature I started in this blog last month and this is the second installment. I would like to share some old ads which I have been able to lay my hands on and as I mentioned in my earlier post (Ad History -1) the ads featured here are not necessarily memorable but are pretty interesting.
This Cinthol Soap ad was scanned from a magazine called Star and Style published by Indian Express, if I remember right; it appeared in many other publications in the 1970s.

The above ad features young film director and actor Shakher Kapur, if you wish to know more about him please click here.

Year: 1981

Television was introduced in Bombay on October 2, 1972; TV at that time was black & white. If I remember right Weston TV was launched sometime in the late 1970s. Television ads those days usually talked about the basic features like good sound and picture quality. None of the television brands of that time exist today.

I do not recall the year of the above Wills press ad, the fact that it features young Mohd. Azaruddin and Anil Kumble may indicate that this ad appeared sometime in the early 1990s.

The above Zenith Computers ad appeared in the year 1995. It is rather difficult to believe that personal computers those days came with RAM of 1 MB and 4 MB.

I will try to share more vintage ads next month.